Mexico City- At A Glance

How many days to stay?

I stayed for ten days- this was a great amount of time. I think five days may have rushed it so a week would be a good amount of time to see most things. I happened to love it and think up to two weeks. I never ran out of new things to see and do after ten days and had to carefully plan out my ten days.

Guided or independent?

This trip was completely independent. I stayed in an airbnb (link for $35 credit) - Mexico City has had a bad reputation in the past- however I felt completely safe. I did book a few day tours- which I will go into below. I think Mexico City can easily be done independently as a native English speaker I did not have any problems with logistics- but you know your own preferences. Mexico City is very walk-able- but is geographically huge. For this reason alone- planning your days out purposefully to maximize your time will be best- lastly uber is SUPER cheap in Mexico City.

Favorite things to do?

My favorite thing to do was the hot air balloon ride at sunrise above the Teotihuacan Pyramids. Next was my food tour with Rocio. I loved hanging out at the Parque and eating all of the food it would be sinful if I didn’t recommend ojo de aqua this may be one of my favorite meals of all times.

Do I need to rent a car?

No- don;t bother. Mexico City has so much sprawl and ubers are of exceptional value.

Who would this trip be good for?

Couples and adventurous individuals or groups. One day my husband was feeling under the weather- and he felt comfortable enough to have me explore the city on my own- he ended up feeling up to par.

When to go? Weather by month? (F and C)

Foods to try ?

Do you need a visa?

Suggested daily budget/trip budget ?

Best Views?

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Would I go back

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